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Woony offers unified call and chat service through a web widget.

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Customer service with Woony

A brief introduction to Woony

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What does Woony do?

Voice is better!

Most existing communication solutions for e-Commerce focus on chat services and move away from human interaction by using bots and AI.

A drawback of this is that many customers lack the personal connection achieved on a voice call.

Priority is key!

With Woony, shoppers are able to call anonymously and for free directly from the browser.  Calls can be prioritized to minimize waiting time for the most important calls, those with the highest monetary value and the ones closest to a purchase decision. In addition, calls can be routed to the most suited service agent based on product category, geographic location etc.

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Main benefits of using Woony

A unique solution...

Calls can be made directly from the browser, anonymously and for free.

Browser info is passed on so that the agents see which page the shopper is on, where he is calling from, and the value of the shopping cart.

Calls are prioritized and routed to the most suited agent.

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