Woony's background

Woony was created both for on-line merchants with web shops and for web site owners in general. The goal was to provide a service where  calls from customers are handled in the same way as chat sessions are handled in most customer support tools of today. A one-stop-solution that take care of all conversations with customers. Easy onboarding and easy to use. High class voice quality and smart routing and prioritization of incoming calls and messages. 

The team behind Woony combined their long experience of creating VoIP applications with their own experience of setting up web sites with customer support widgets. Technically, It ended up in a new type of PBX on the server side, a “webPBX”, that allows incoming calls to be routed and prioritized based on clickstream data (pending patent application). 

With Woony, voice calls and chat conversations are merged and provide agents with the same type of browse information. Chat or call – your choice!

Woony AB

Woony AB is a software company located in Stockholm, Sweden. The Woony service was acquired in July 2023 by Woony AB from OptiMobile AB, after OptiMobile AB filed for bankruptcy.

Our partners

We partner with LA+B for customers that  want help to incorporate the Woony approach to customer service in their marketing and communication.

Our Swedish pilot customer with global customers and outsourced customer service organization has brought immensely valuable feedback during our early stage introduction.

We use Swedish-based GleSYS for our Cloud-needs, assuring a reliable, high-end service and full compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations.

Our trusted consultancy partner that can cater to our customers’ integration needs of a more complex nature.

With Svipe ID, Woony customers in 140 countries will be able to perform a verified identification based on digital information already present in the chip of most Passports, National IDs, and Residence cards.

Intellibright is our digital marketing partner for the US, based in Austin, TX.