Woony minimizes call duration!

How is call duration minimized?


Woony analyses clickstream data and provides information to the agents about the callers browse history and contents of the shopping cart. This gets you right to the point!


With Woony you can direct the call to the most suitable agent, based on geographic location, products viewed and stage in the purchase process


Your agents should spend their time on the most profitable customers. Woony presents visitor info, cart value and browsed pages, allowing you to patch the most important calls through first.

What is the typical feedback from customer surveys?

Customer service today...

Most existing communication solutions for e-Commerce focus on chat services and move away from human interaction by using bots and AI. A consequence is that many customers lack the personal connection achieved on a voice call.

What do consumers say?

Voice is preferred!

Most consumers still use voice as the main method of communicating with customer service.

Still shaky...

Bots and AI is the new craze. Facts show that they are only successful in 28% of cases.

Most frustrating service situations

These are the main reasons people get frustrated with customer service:

– Difficulty in reaching a contact person

– Lack of knowledge from the contact person

– Having to repeat information

Woony addresses all of them!

Intelligent routing based on viewed products, purchase stage and location is the key.

Treat your customers to Woony!