What is Woony?

Get those important calls!

Woony is a voice communication solution that enables internet users to communicate directly from a web browser with a support agent without the need for a phone. Calls are free, prioritized and routed based on user behavior.

Although Woony also supports chat, it is the voice feature that sets it above the rest.

How does it work?

Communication is set up between a web widget installed on the web page, for instance web shop, and a client software used by the support agents. The widget and the agent app are connected with a license key that you get from Woony support.


You can choose freely between voice calls and chats, all in the same session. Based on browse data and cart value, you can choose to prioritize between visitors.


The Widget

The widget for Woony is customizable to match your needs. You can configure it to support either voice calls or chat, or both. You can also determine when you want the widget to be shown for the users.  Of course you can customize the appearance to match your site.

On the Customer Zone you can find scripts for any website as well as a plugin for WordPress.

The App

The Agent App allows you to get a unique insight into the shoppers status. You can:

  • see what the shopper is looking at
  • see the contents of the shopping basket
  • see which region the shopper is calling from
  • switch effortlessly between call and chat and create tickets when needed.

The Agent App is available for both Mac and Windows in our Customer Zone


Implementing the widget

See how easy it is to install the Woony widget with the WordPress plugin. Your are up and running in a matter of minutes. You can find the Woony Talk plugin here.

If you are not using WordPress, choose the GTM or script method. Learn more by joining our Customer Zone.

Salesforce integration

Integrate Woony with Salesforce CRM to synchronize your contacts and send in your chat transcripts.

If you are not using Salesforce, you can send your chat transcripts to any email address for further processing. 

What makes Woony unique?

Priority and call routing based on Clickstream data

Woony is a calling solution that allows users to directly be connected to the right agent with calls from the browser. Agents are able to filter out calls that are not of a high enough priority. As the communication is based on VoIP technology over the internet, there are no associated calling costs and no geographical restrictions. 


Woony  provides several features that serve as a way to dramatically increase the usability, such as:


  • Web tracking – 
Allows agents to see the same web page as the caller the contents of the shopping cart. 
  • Priorities 
- By using information from the web tracking, calls can prioritised based on value in the shopping cart or stage in the purchase flow
  • Routing
 – Calls are routed to the most suitable agent, for instance based on products and geographical location
  • Widget presentation control
 – Present the widget on the web site when the user has reached a certain stage in the purchase flow, or placed products in the shopping cart.

Frequently asked questions

You can customize the criteria for when voice alls are possible in the settings part of the agent client. For instance, you can decide to only allow calls from people with products in the shopping cart higher than a certain value.

Yes, Woony also supports traditional chat, with the added functionality of being able to move to voice calls at any time.

Yes, you can talk and chat simultaneously.

Yes, you can choose between three different display modes, change texts and adapt the color scheme.

Yes, you can determine the criteria for when the widget is shown to the consumers. For instance, you can hide the widget when your agents are not working.

Yes, we charge a fee for every agent account created, regardless of whether the agent is logged in or not.

Yes, you can use the Woony widget on as many sites as you like.

The agent app supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Finnish and Swedish.